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Graduation Present: Finished Product

Graduation Present, Junia prototypeRich Chaffins1 Comment

I'm sure you've been sitting on the edge of your seats since yesterday's post to see how this Junia turned out. Well, dear readers, I am here to put your mind at ease. Come and revel in the awesome. As I mentioned yesterday, I decided to make this kind of a Beauty and the Beast theme. The ash was dyed brown to start:


The maple top went through several instances of dyeing. First I added a layer of brown:


Then I added a layer of amber:


Then some red to the edges:


Then finally another coat of amber to bring it all together into what I call Autumn Sunset:


The control cover and the headstock went through the same dyeing process as the top:



Once she was all oiled and joined up, it was time to start adding the bling:




And now, to take her out into the sunlight and show her off in all her glory:



autumnsunsetfront2As you can probably tell from my expression in that last picture, I hate to give this one to her rightful owner.

If you have any questions, be sure to leave me a comment. Or you can use the contact me page to order your own custom Junia!

Graduation Present: Assembly

Graduation Present, Junia prototypeRich Chaffins1 Comment

So lately I've been showing you some of my refinish work, but today you get to see my own creations: the Junia. I love this body shape, so I was happy to get this commission. The lucky owner still doesn't know that it's being delivered soon, but my client has authorized pics, so let's get to it! Today I'm going to share with you the assembly process, and tomorrow you'll get to see the fully finished product.


Ash body, flamed maple top, flamed maple control cavity cover Cherry set neck, ziricote fretboard, maple headplate gold hardware Zexcoil Guitar Pickups Signature Set Planet Waves Locking tuners Hipshot Baby Grand bridge

Roughing out the body and top:





Bringing the pieces together:



Routing out the spaces for all of the goodies:







I think that should give you enough to salivate over for today. Check back tomorrow for the reveal of the Beauty and the Beast (but mostly Beauty!). And if you absolutely CANNOT WAIT until tomorrow, check out my Facebook page to see more pictures of the process as well as the finished product!

Protos bass for sale!

Ben's Protos bassRich ChaffinsComment

Hey, everyone! Want to catch a deal on a sweet, handmade bass? Then read on! I built this one for my friend Ben a few years ago, and I'm lending a hand in helping him sell it. The original rosewood neck developed a severe twist after a year or so, so I built a brand new neck for it a couple of months ago. Ben has this to say about this 4-string Protos bass:

"The bass can produce a really versatile array of tones due to the Bartolini 5.1 9V preamp and Bartolini humbucker/J pickup configuration. A three band EQ with a parametric push/pull mid ensure that you can dial in any tone from an aggressive, Musicman style growl to a wide, fat P bass impression. The finish on the neck is smooth as silk and the spalted maple top is a real eye catcher. The Hipshot Ultralight high-ratio open gear tuners help prevent neck dive and the D-tuner on the low E string makes moving to alternate tunings a snap. I used this bass in contemporary worship, country and studio projects all with great results. The only reason I'm parting with this beauty is that my current touring gig requires a different vibe and I could use some other equipment that better suits a recording rig that I'm building."

The specs:

Swamp ash body w/ spalted maple top;

flamed maple neck with coal dust and oil finish, cocobolo fretboard and backstrap, abalone fret markers; bone nut;

Bartolini humbucker and J-Style pickups; Bartolini 5.1 preamp;

black hardware;

Hipshot Transtone bridge, Ultralite tuners and X-tender

Some pictures, then the original demo video:

back bass back2 bassbody downneck headstock headstockback

And the original demo video:

Let me know if you're interested. Thanks for looking!