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The Protos Twins

Protos TwinsRich ChaffinsComment

Greetings, kind reader! It's been way too long since I've updated this page, but I assure you, I've been a busy, busy, busy. Today I'd like to show you my twins. I have two Protos models in production, and I'm happy to announce that they are available for you! If you're interested, just use the contact form to get in touch.

Now, let's show these beauties off!


Alder bodies, semi-hollow Quilted maple tops, one autumn sunset, one faded denim finish maple necks, rosewood fretboards Grover locking tuners Wilkinson bridges Arcane '56 Tele bridge and wide-range neck humbucker in one, Arcane Ultratrons in the other.

Protos 1:

Protos 1


Protos 2 (love the bit of spalt in the corner!):

Protos 1

Protos 1 routed out:

Protos 1 route


Protos 2 routed out:

Protos 2 route


Fresh out of binding!

Protos bound


Logos applied:

Protos logo


For more pictures and updates on the progress of these guitars, be sure to follow me on Instagram and on Facebook.


Graduation Present: Assembly

Graduation Present, Junia prototypeRich Chaffins1 Comment

So lately I've been showing you some of my refinish work, but today you get to see my own creations: the Junia. I love this body shape, so I was happy to get this commission. The lucky owner still doesn't know that it's being delivered soon, but my client has authorized pics, so let's get to it! Today I'm going to share with you the assembly process, and tomorrow you'll get to see the fully finished product.


Ash body, flamed maple top, flamed maple control cavity cover Cherry set neck, ziricote fretboard, maple headplate gold hardware Zexcoil Guitar Pickups Signature Set Planet Waves Locking tuners Hipshot Baby Grand bridge

Roughing out the body and top:





Bringing the pieces together:



Routing out the spaces for all of the goodies:







I think that should give you enough to salivate over for today. Check back tomorrow for the reveal of the Beauty and the Beast (but mostly Beauty!). And if you absolutely CANNOT WAIT until tomorrow, check out my Facebook page to see more pictures of the process as well as the finished product!

Jason's Apophis completed and demoed!

Jason's customRich ChaffinsComment

Okay then. This one was finished up last month. Original post, complete with specs, here. The thing we did change was the model name. Working title Apollyon (mine, Greek for destroyer), final name Apophis (his, Greek translation of Apep, Egyptian god of darkness and chaos). Either way, bad news. ;) ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage

Really happy with the playability. Super-low action, nice thin neck (although I personally prefer big, chubby necks). The sheer amount of tones available is insane, also. 3 Guitar Logistics Diablo humbuckers with separate volume, tone, and on-off-parallel switch= sounds amazing AND super flexible. Here's the demo:

Check it, yo. Thanks!