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Hmmm...must update more often.

Alec's Revelator, Ben's Protos bass, Frank's Protos, The BaneRich Chaffins4 Comments

Hey y'all. Hope everyone's peachy. You may ask yourself and/or me "What's up with the erratic blogging as of late? What happened to the almost daily updates of yore?"

Well, lots of things happened.

First, the good reason. I was in a car wreck Friday that banged me up pretty good, and I spent through Monday with my bed and ibuprofen as my best friends. That's the legit reason.

Second reason, I have to this point in my building career invariably slowed down when getting to the details stage of things. Not sure why this is, except that 1) I hate sanding passionately, and 2) the detail stuff is easier to mess up, so i go slowly and cautiously, and also stress a lot.

I am slowly catching up Ben's bass to where Frank's guitar is. I started Frank's after Ben's, but that guitar is more familiar territory to me, and so things went faster. I also had to make templates for things on the bass that I was doing for the first time, so that took up some time as well. Frank's guitar is ready for finish, minus the drudgery of sanding the body in prep for finish: getting rid of router burn, scratches, etc. The neck is not so far along. It is carved, but still needs finish sanding on the fretboard, and frets. Those are always a good thing to have. :)

On Ben's bass, I have the top and side dots  on the neck installed and leveled. Also, the body is rounded over. All neck ferrule holes have been drilled. Next up is to sand the top to get the rest of the test epoxy off and even it up a bit, and start the neck carve. Ben wants a J-bass profile, so I took the necessary measurements today. I'll make the neck carve templates tomorrow, and then we're off to the proverbial races, baby.

Tomorrow should be an exciting day. Going to try and get a lot done. Do some finish sanding on both fretboards, some initial carving on Ben's neck, perhaps (I should point out that I will be carving wood, not flesh and blood. No zombie action goin' on here). Finally going to un-clamp the neck on Alec's Revelator to see how it's doing. Going to start cutting on the bass I shall expound on fully in a future post. This bass is known as "The Bane". Long, interesting story. Probably won't post tomorrow, as I'm going to the Tenth Avenue North show tomorrow night, but it will most definitely be sooner than the gap between this and the previous post. :)

Enjoy the pics![gallery]