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Update: my Junia

My JuniaRich Chaffins2 Comments

Hello and a happy day! Hope things are swell. Here's a quick update on the Junia I'm building for me. I took a couple days in the shop recently to get some work done on it, and it's coming together nicely. Since the last post on it, much has been done to the pickguard and the neck. The pickguard has had all 5(!) pickup routes done and controls laid out. Wire holes are drilled on the body. Got a good bunch of the neck carve done, and the frets are in and beveled. Just glued up a veneer for the'll be getting the same burst as the body. Can. Not. WAIT to play this one! *evil giggle* Thanks for checking it out!



The cobbler's new shoes

My JuniaRich Chaffins1 Comment

To begin with the sad story, my guitar died a violent death a couple months ago.  MY guitar...the one that started it all. If you've read my 'about' page, this is the one born from the ash body blank that Misty bought me for my birthday several years ago, when I'd kept talking about wanting to build my own guitar. The first one I'd ever applied a band saw to. Etc. Here's a pic of it in happier days:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Sadly, however, our time was to be short. To make an agonizing story more brief/less detailed,  it fell off its stand in the middle of a gig and suffered irreparable damage. I cried. But! On to new and happier days, in which I started working on a new 'my guitar'.  I love my new Junia singlecut design, so started with one of those. This one is gonna be a doozy.  The specs:

  •  Swamp ash body with a "dragonburst" finish
  • Zebrawood pickguard
  • locally grown cherry neck, glued in; ziricote fretboard, 22 frets. No dots on the front...this ziricote is gorgeous.
  • Super-Vee Bladerunner tremolo
  • Electronics: this is where things get fun. :) I'm going to try something kooky. I want an entire LP-style 2 humbuckers/3-way AND an S-style 3 single coils/5-way switch in the same guitar. It's involved some careful planning, but I've got it straightened out. Going to have Dimarzio Tone Zone and Air Norton for the single coil-sized humbuckers, and most likely Dimarzio Area pickups for the single coil circuit. 2 volumes, a Stellartone Tonestyler for the single coils, 5-way switch, mini 3-way switch, and a small DPDT switch to control which set is active. Lastly, a kill switch. I'm trying to get this as uncluttered as possible, given all the stuff I have to work with.

Here is a pictorial history of my work so far on it, ending  with pics from yesterday's progress.  Would love to hear your thoughts. Thanks for looking![gallery]