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Jason's custom

Jason's Apophis completed and demoed!

Jason's customRich ChaffinsComment

Okay then. This one was finished up last month. Original post, complete with specs, here. The thing we did change was the model name. Working title Apollyon (mine, Greek for destroyer), final name Apophis (his, Greek translation of Apep, Egyptian god of darkness and chaos). Either way, bad news. ;) ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage

Really happy with the playability. Super-low action, nice thin neck (although I personally prefer big, chubby necks). The sheer amount of tones available is insane, also. 3 Guitar Logistics Diablo humbuckers with separate volume, tone, and on-off-parallel switch= sounds amazing AND super flexible. Here's the demo:

Check it, yo. Thanks!

A Build For Jason...or Defining the Phrase "Custom Guitar"

Jason's customRich Chaffins1 Comment the title says. This one is what a custom build is all about...something you can't get through normal channels. This one started a few months ago when the shop guys at Fawley's told me about a guy coming in the store asking about a VERY specific guitar, and whether there was such a thing made, or could they throw some parts together and come up with it?  They referred him to me, and when we got together to talk about what he wanted, I was both excited for the challenge and confused. I had to refer to the notes I was taking often, repeating this, verifying that. The part that took the longest to work out in my brain? Jason is left-handed, as I am. Unlike me, he actually plays left-handed. Also, unlike most left-handed players, he didn't turn the strings around, so they're opposite to the way it's usually done.  He wanted some features from the right-handed guitars he was used to, but some from left-handed guitars as well. Whew! We took a while on design, tweaking and tweaking until he was happy. Parts selection was only finalized a few days ago, and we've been through a LOT of hardware options. So, without further ado, here's what Jason and I came up with:

  • New body shape (left-handed), based on an ESP F series guitar. Swamp ash, natural finish.
  • Bolivian Rosewood neck, new headstock design. Bloodwood fretboard, swamp ash headstock overlay. Strung upside down.
  • 3 Diablo humbucker pickups, chrome covers, handwound by Brett at Guitar Logistics.
  • Super-Vee BladeRunner tremolo, left-handed.
  • Steinberger gearless tuners.
  • Wiring: here's where it gets intense. Jason wants maximum tonal versatility, so he requested individual volume and tone controls for each pickup, as well as on/off/series-parallel switches for each one. So we're talking 6 knobs, 3 (possibly 4) switches. All on the upper bout of the guitar.

Fun, huh?

Yup, I thought so, as well. :)

Below are some pics, including the first design drawing, as well as the final revision. Will have more soon.

So...thoughts? Questions?  Concerns?   Then comment!  Thanks for looking.