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Deral's Thump

Deral's 5-string bass

Deral's ThumpRich Chaffins4 Comments

The back story on this one is both long and full of crazy. Maybe you'll hear it someday...but not today. :) So anyway, short short version:  my buddy Deral wanted a bass, asked me about it, and I set to making it. Things were discussed, then specs got know the drill. First it was a 4-string, now it's a 5-string, that kinda thing. This one is my Thump design...assuming that's the name I stick with. Tried a few on, but I think I like this one. We'll see. Specs:

  • Thump body shape, 5-string
  • Alder body, curly maple neck, rosewood fretboard.
  • Solid white finish, black hardware
  • Bartolini J pickups, Bartolini preamp running at 9v

This one's almost ready for paint.  All routing is done, just have to caress the shape in a place or two and do finish sanding. VERY excited to get this one done. Here's a few pics of the body. More will be on the way. Thanks for looking!