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Back from the dead

...and we're back.

Back from the deadRich ChaffinsComment

Hello and a happy day!  Bet you thought nary another word would be writ upon these hallowed pages, huh? Well, you were wrong! Time just gets away from you, especially when it comes to updating ye olde blog. Most of my day involves sawdust/wiring/teaching/family, which doesn't leave much time for a blog post. However, gonna try to get back up in my blog's proverbial grill on a fairly regular basis. This particular post is gonna be a summary-type thing, and other, more project-specific posts will follow hot on its heels. This one's kinda like a "What I Did Over Summer Break" report.  So, big news first:

Welcome to! Finally got my very own domain that I owned a while back, I let lapse and someone squatted on it for two years, and I snatched back with an "A-ha!!" in my mind, if not on my tongue. And it now points here! Addendum to bigger news- currently in planning stages of *gasp* an ACTUAL WEBSITE! Gonna be good times. I figured this way, if people have an actual site to look at, I may not feel so guilty when I get too busy to update the blog (or just forget).

As I said, other posts about new and old projects, with pics and everything, will soon make their way to these pages.  Just gotta get a bit more organized, then up they go. Been busy! About to get busier!

Okay, off to write other stuff and assemble pics. Have a lovely day.