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Andrew's Neck

Andrew's F5 mandolin guitar finished and demoed!

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Andrew 1

Andrew body 2 Andrew body 3 Andrew body Andrew first play Andrew setup

This one was finished back in November, and we just got around to shooting a demo. It turned out great...Andrew did a fantastic job with the body! I built the neck, and helped with wiring/setup/hardware selection. Check the video out here:


Catalpa body/headstock veneer Indian rosewood neck, cocobolo fretboard, abalone side dots Hipshot Baby Grand bridge Lollar Vintage T bridge, Lollar Low Wind Imperial neck pickup Custom knobs/switch tip by THG Knobs

Let me and Andrew know what you think!ImageImage

Update: Andrew's neck

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Alrighty then..part 2 of the massive update-a-thon. Go! So, since we last saw Andrew's neck for his crazy mandolin-shaped guitar, it was getting its fingerboard radiused. It's now polished, fretted, carved and capped (Hmmm...almost sounds like a Waffle House order)! I put a catalpa headstock veneer on last week, and started the carve today. Andrew came over to check the carve, and how the neck fit to the body. We ended up with him routing his neck pocket, with some help from my templates. It's looking pretty good! Just have to finalize the headstock carves, as well as the neck carve, then we'll be leveling/crowning the frets and away it goes! Thanks for checking it out!


A neck for Andrew

Andrew's NeckRich Chaffins2 Comments

A while back, got a call from a friend of mine. He was interested in building a guitar for himself, but wasn't sure about making his own neck. He wondered if I'd be interested, and it turns out I was. :) Really interesting project. Andrew's a fan of all things vintage and/or old-time-y , so he decided to enlarge an F-style mandolin into guitar form. Seen the headstocks on those things??! Really big relative to the body.  The final design of the headstock ended up a bit over 9 inches long(!).

But! It's turning out to be a cool project. Andrew chose a nice piece of Bolivian rosewood for the neck, and I scored a killer cocobolo fretboard for this neck. We're also going to use a bit of the catalpa wood he cut the body out of for a headstock veneer to tie the piece together.

Got the fretboard radiused yesterday, and should have it polished today, along with two other necks I'm doing batch-style.  Here's some pics in the meantime. Have a great week!