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Why Buy My Guitars?

UncategorizedRich ChaffinsComment

On my Facebook page, I was asked, "What makes this guitar unique in a market that's flooded with custom shop guitars? Obviously it's beautiful but what's going to make me want to buy these guitars versus a well established builders like PRS?"

This is a great question. If I'm making a major investment in an instrument, I want a good reason to choose one luthier over another. Here was the response that I offered.

"Obviously, custom luthiers have been around almost as long as the electric guitar has been. Mentioning PRS, he started out in his garage too, building up from that over time. I, and others like me, have been inspired by people like him and have been left wanting by what is being put out en masse by the big companies.

As for what makes one want a small luthier's instrument over the big companies, there are several advantages. The biggest one is having an instrument that is custom fit to you. As often as possible, I take measurements where the guitar contacts the client's body and carve it to fit them.

Other reasons: to have something visually distinctive; to have a guitar you always pictured but no one makes (for example, a 51 fret guitar I'm currently making for a very particular client); to have personal attention paid to each detail; and last and very importantly in our world today, to support local and small businesses. This is why my family often chooses local restaurants over the chains, for example.

Thanks again for your question, and please let me know if you have any others!"

What criteria do you use when purchasing a new instrument?