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Steve's Replacement Neck

Steve's Neck and PickguardRich ChaffinsComment
Hand Carving

I based the neck for Steve off of a previous build that I did for my student Josh.

Specs: Rock maple, big D shape, rosewood neck, 16” radius, 22 frets, last 4 scalloped, oil finish.


Truss Rod

Glued up, side dots

Rough cut

Frets installed

I decided to be a little bit creative with the dots I did for this one:

Neck Dots

Hand Carving

Steve asked for the last four frets to be scalloped.


The body of the guitar has a kind of granite-style finish, so I decided to echo that in the headstock.




And here's the finished headstock with hardware installed.

Finished neck, back

Finished Headstock, front

Check back tomorrow for pictures of the pickguard I created to go with this and to see the finished product! And if you absolutely have to see everything right now, go like my Facebook page where you can see this and a bunch of other stuff I've been working on!