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Nope, not dead.

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Hey, guys n gals! Hope you're swell. 

  Nope. Haven't posted for over a year. 

  Yep. I suck. 

I am NOT good at keeping this blog updated, obviously. 

So, the cliff notes of what's been happening since last we met: 

We moved.

My shop is now bigger, but not as big as I'd like, still.

I have finished some of the stuff I was working on in earlier pages, and some I am in the process of finishing up. 

My lack of faster progress is due to, in no particular order: me learning on the job several things I'd never done before; me being a slow learner; me having three other jobs that occupy my time, therefore having limited time to work on guitars; me being a husband and father to my lovely wife and my two sons, one of which is special needs; me needing downtime once in a while.

All that being said, I've learned a lot, and am now nearing the finish line on dang near everything left in my shop. I also have some interesting ideas I'll start working on as soon as this batch of seven instruments is delivered to their respective owners.

The big thing I have learned? Don't take too much on at one time. People (rightfully) get impatient, deadlines can get missed, my stress level goes through the roof. So....

Going forward, I'm going to work on roughly two instruments at a time. This will save me (and you, dear clients) stress. 

In the meantime, until I get pics and posts up here, you can find more up-to-date stuff on my Facebook page, or you can find me on Instagram, username agapeguitars. Thanks so much!