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Jason's Apollyon- an update

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Hey y'all. Doing alright? This particular blog post brings news about a particular guitar. Got some work done on Jason's guitar, placeholder name Apollyon. Placeholder because I like the name, but not sure it belongs on this guitar. 'Kay? Moving on.

After a tragic misunderstanding about the neck which cost me quite a bit of time, progress moves forward! *Okay, long story short less long- I was making a scarf jointed neck, as usual, not realizing that the notes I took from our meeting on specs meant not just a Strat-like neck carve, but the Strat-like flat neck as well. Feh. For what it's worth, that particular piece of rosewood was giving me fits anyway, so it ended up working out nicely.*

The neck is packing a truss rod, fingerboard is glued on, and the neck is rough cut to shape. Final headstock shape will be done by hand, cuz the pointy bits would become the router's lunch if I let it near them. Will be installing dots within the next few days, as well as routing the neck pocket. This will be a set neck, and will have quite the long tenon to go with it. Yay for neck stability!

Jason was nice enough to come over to the shop last night, and we took a good while doing mockups, discussing placements, carves, and crazy ideas (all his, I'd like to point out). Also a 25th fret, for no apparent reason other than you don't see those, like, ever. Think this build is gonna turn out fuh-REAKY cool.

Here's some pics to add evidence to the above claims. Have a fantastic day! Leave fantastic comments in which you say fantastic things! Etc. !  Thanks. :)