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A neck for Andrew

Andrew's NeckRich Chaffins2 Comments

A while back, got a call from a friend of mine. He was interested in building a guitar for himself, but wasn't sure about making his own neck. He wondered if I'd be interested, and it turns out I was. :) Really interesting project. Andrew's a fan of all things vintage and/or old-time-y , so he decided to enlarge an F-style mandolin into guitar form. Seen the headstocks on those things??! Really big relative to the body.  The final design of the headstock ended up a bit over 9 inches long(!).

But! It's turning out to be a cool project. Andrew chose a nice piece of Bolivian rosewood for the neck, and I scored a killer cocobolo fretboard for this neck. We're also going to use a bit of the catalpa wood he cut the body out of for a headstock veneer to tie the piece together.

Got the fretboard radiused yesterday, and should have it polished today, along with two other necks I'm doing batch-style.  Here's some pics in the meantime. Have a great week!