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Alec's Revelator, Rick's ProtosRich Chaffins1 Comment

Hey y'all (or youns if you're from PA). Everything well? Finished up Alec's Revelator last week, and took a week to let the wood settle, etc. Field tested it at church last weekend with great results. So great, in fact, that in my traditional fashion, I was loathe to give it to its owner. I'd grown attached. But, right is right, and I couldn't with a good conscience off him for a guitar. Therefore, he picked it up yesterday, and from what he tells me, is one happy camper. However! Before I got it to him, I decided to shoot some video of the guitar and its many sweet tones. While I was doing that, I asked Rick if he'd be so kind to let me borrow his Protos for a day or two and let me take pics and videos of it, as well. Being the pal that he is, he acquiesced. Being the joker that he is, he gave it to me directly after a gig, sweat and all. Woo to the hoo for cleaning off someone else's sweat. :) But anyway, here are the videos. Let me know what you think! Thanks for reading/watching. [youtube=]   [youtube=]