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Angle grinder therapy!!

Limba/Bubinga ProtosRich ChaffinsComment

Hey everyone, How's your day going? Mine was made much, much better a little while ago. :)

Started out kinda cruddy, as it started way too my standards, anyway. I usually work pretty late, so I don't beat down the door to the shop in the AM. Today, however, found myself in the shop a bit after 7 this morning. Among doing other things that I'll blog about soonly, I was debating what to do with the bubinga/limba Protos. If you recall from previous posts, I'm going for the most un-"F" version of this guitar possible. Add to that the fact that the body was quite heavy, and I was debating ways to lighten the load,so to speak.

So, a brief look back to the day: In the shop 7-12:30, when I had to leave to go teach. Was supposed to teach til 5:30, but my last 3 students didn't show up, and only one called to let me know. So I was waiting around with nothing to do for an hour and a half. I was getting frustrated, cuz for one reason, I HATE no-call/no-shows. Also, I have a crap ton of stuff to do this week, and waiting around unable to do anything drove me nuts. So....left work in a bad mood, going back to the shop. Okay...back to the shop talk now. :-D

In a fit of inspiration, I decided to try my first carved top. That'll take the weight off! So, drew lines around the body, like this:












Started routing the outermost circle out at a depth of 5/8", and gradually routed "steps" in the wood, each one more shallow than the last. Here's the next step routed:











And the third step routed:












Once all the steps were routed, leaving the bridge/pickup area flat, I took out the angle grinder and went to work smoothing out the steps. Funnily, this was the best stress relief I could've asked for! Don't know what it was about it, but using a roaring, powerful tool to turn strange-looking steps into a (mostly) smooth surface just eased my mind and relaxed me almost instantly. I don't have it sanded smooth yet, but it's still satisfying. Here are the results:













Looking forward to getting more done on this one! Any thoughts on it so far? Thanks for reading!