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Outpatient surgery Saturday...results on video

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Hey y'all...quick post while I'm at the computer finishing up a pickguard sketch for my Junia body that I'll soon be posting about. A couple of weeks ago, my good friend and musical artist extraordinaire Caleb Lovely called me about a little project he had in mind. He'd just bought a new, fatter neck for his Strat and had his old, perfectly good neck hanging around doing nothing. He found a Tele body he wanted, and asked me if I'd help him put it together once he got all the hardware in. Long story short, I agreed, and last Saturday, I met him at CRC about an hour and a half before he needed to be on stage for rehearsal. I did my best to set the land speed record for fastest guitar wiring/assembly ever. :) Caleb just shot a short video of the results,and here it is for your viewing pleasure.



BTW...go listen to him NOW. Amazing stuff. YouTube, iTunes...he's everywhere. :)