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Alec's the finish line

Alec's RevelatorRich Chaffins1 Comment

  Man. This one has been through the ringer!

A million hours, one jacked up neck, another neck that I only thought was jacked up, and here we are. Whew. Just some nut finishing, electronics adjusting and setup to do and then we're into the break-in period. W00t!

Strung it up about an hour ago, tuned, and have been playing it a good bit since. The nut is still roughed in, so that'll need fixed, but it plays really well, even before setup. Good sustain. Snappy, loud acoustic tone. Lightweight, well-balanced.

I'll be recording it at some point in the next few days, once I get it dialed in. A reminder of the specs:

  • Swamp ash body, (very) spalted maple top, blackburst finish
  • Walnut neck with spalted maple headstock overlay, cocobolo fretboard. 22 big frets. Bone nut.
  • Seymour Duncan JB/Jazz pickup set. 2 volume controls, 2 coil splitter switches.
  • Floating 2-post tremolo
  • Black hardware
  • Planet Waves locking tuners

On to some pics! *DISCLAIMERS* Couple things to take into account while viewing these. First off, this guitar is NOT intended to be picture-perfect. There are imperfections in the wood here and there...mostly the spalted maple. There is nothing that adversely affects the construction or sound. This piece, overall, is meant to have a 'diamond in the rough' motif, in tribute to its owner. Also, you'll notice in the headstock pics that one tuner has a chrome washer/nut on it.  This will be rectified of each was missing when I opened the tuners.


I would love to hear your thoughts on this one. So....comment! Thanks for reading!