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A Build For Jason...or Defining the Phrase "Custom Guitar"

Jason's customRich Chaffins1 Comment the title says. This one is what a custom build is all about...something you can't get through normal channels. This one started a few months ago when the shop guys at Fawley's told me about a guy coming in the store asking about a VERY specific guitar, and whether there was such a thing made, or could they throw some parts together and come up with it?  They referred him to me, and when we got together to talk about what he wanted, I was both excited for the challenge and confused. I had to refer to the notes I was taking often, repeating this, verifying that. The part that took the longest to work out in my brain? Jason is left-handed, as I am. Unlike me, he actually plays left-handed. Also, unlike most left-handed players, he didn't turn the strings around, so they're opposite to the way it's usually done.  He wanted some features from the right-handed guitars he was used to, but some from left-handed guitars as well. Whew! We took a while on design, tweaking and tweaking until he was happy. Parts selection was only finalized a few days ago, and we've been through a LOT of hardware options. So, without further ado, here's what Jason and I came up with:

  • New body shape (left-handed), based on an ESP F series guitar. Swamp ash, natural finish.
  • Bolivian Rosewood neck, new headstock design. Bloodwood fretboard, swamp ash headstock overlay. Strung upside down.
  • 3 Diablo humbucker pickups, chrome covers, handwound by Brett at Guitar Logistics.
  • Super-Vee BladeRunner tremolo, left-handed.
  • Steinberger gearless tuners.
  • Wiring: here's where it gets intense. Jason wants maximum tonal versatility, so he requested individual volume and tone controls for each pickup, as well as on/off/series-parallel switches for each one. So we're talking 6 knobs, 3 (possibly 4) switches. All on the upper bout of the guitar.

Fun, huh?

Yup, I thought so, as well. :)

Below are some pics, including the first design drawing, as well as the final revision. Will have more soon.

So...thoughts? Questions?  Concerns?   Then comment!  Thanks for looking.