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Snow, setbacks, and steps forward

Alec's Revelator, Junia prototypeRich Chaffins1 Comment

Man, too much snow sucks. Watching it come down today through the window in my shop gave me mixed feelings. First, I was bumming due to the probability of getting stuck around the house. This turned out to be true, since our 4-wheel-drive couldn't get out of our driveway. Sigh. However, I also knew my guitar students would probably all cancel, which meant more time in the shop. I yearn for more time in the shop most days, and would love more opportunity to be in there cranking out guitars. So, took advantage of the extra time I was given in the shop. Want a recounting of events and even pics? Read on!

You heard about the snow, and here is the setback.  The neck of Alec's Revelator had bowed back, and the truss rod couldn't even budge the grenadillo/cocobolo combination. A buddy of mine has cooler tools than me, so he took the neck to straighten it. Well, he straightened it, and a day or two later it was bowed again. This went on three times. Second sigh. This piece of grenadillo just decided it was gonna turn itself into a wagon wheel. Grrrr. However, the fretboard and truss rod were still good, so I had to salvage them. I went through the back of the neck (props for my lovely wife pointing out I was about to do it in a very, very dumb way), slicing thin layers off until I hit paydirt. Used a chisel to extricate it and put a nice ding in my thumb. I also cut off the headstock to hang somewhere in my shop, cuz I just l-o-v-e the way that turned out. New neck, this time of walnut, underway today. Worked on the scarf joint, almost there with it and ready for glue up.

Now, as far as the steps forward, I cut a LOT of wood today. Did strips for a 5-piece neck I'm doing for the Junia prototype. There will be wenge on the outside, followed by 2 strips of rock maple, and bloodwood in the center. The maple and wenge (one side, anyway) are gluing up as we speak, and the bloodwood is also being glued. Also cut were some strips for a couple other necks with the wenge and maple, as well as another walnut neck.

Pics of the excavation process, as well as the 5-piece neck mockup and some glueup, are below for your viewing pleasure. So, go ahead! Gain pleasure from checking out the pics. Have a great day. Comment. Etc.[gallery]