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Let there be sawdust (and metal filings)

Limba/Bubinga ProtosRich ChaffinsComment

Hello and a happy day. Got up early and got some stuff done, and I was also not a layabout yesterday. I have pictorial evidence to document these statements, and will now recount said proceedings. A-here we go.

The last couple weeks, I've been working on a replacement neck for the first guitar I ever delivered, a cherry/zebrawood Revelator. The original neck is still fine, but he wanted the new inlays, a new neck shape, and the new logo. So away we went! It's a new headstock design that came from me originally making the neck for something else, and then it got called into duty on this project. So, this is more a re-shape than anything. Not sure if I'll use it on future designs...time will tell, I suppose. It's a maple neck, rosewood fretboard.  My standard horizontal dot inlay pattern, in abalone, is present. The frets were pressed/hammered yesterday, filed and beveled today. Leveling will come Monday or so.

In other goings-on, with the new wood laying around the shop calling to me, I decided to answer. The lovely piece of bubinga I picked up the other day was wanting to become a Protos. Heard that from the first time I saw it. So, I coupled it with some of the white Limba that I also procured, and applied glue, mucho clamps, and a particularly heavy vise in the middle for moral support. This morning, I removed all the clamps (and vise, of course), and got to cuttin'. Sawdust flew, and shapes were made. See for yourself! I particularly love how the two woods play off of each other, and either piece would have made a fine front for a guitar. Note, however, there is not a thin third piece in the middle. The pics were taken post-routing, pre-sanding. It just looks that way.

This particular Protos is not currently spoken for, so I'm debating some different approaches I can take with it. One idea I have is to have the standard "T" control setup, but without the metal plate (rear-mounted controls). Still kicking around hardware options,'s early in the game.

That's it for now. Take a look at the pics, let me know what you think. On a happy note, I just got a commission last week that will soon be foisted upon these pages. It's gonna be the most "custom" thing I've done in....well, ever. Neat ideas came from the customer, and I'm designing a new shape for this one, as well. Should be pretty nifty when it's done! Heck, when it's in progress, too. Take care![gallery]