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One month later....

Ben's Protos bassRich ChaffinsComment

Hello and a happy day! A million apologies for not posting for an. entire. month. To be fair, it's been a crazy month to top all crazy months. Besides the other 3 jobs (and band) I  have going a bit more nuts, things were loopy on the luthiery side of things, as well.  (Note: as I wrote this, the little ditty that Peeves sang to Professor Lupin in "The Prisoner of Azkaban" started ringing through my skull, lyrically adjusted to "Loony, loopy luthier" You're welcome.)

This month has been all about Ben's bass.  He wanted to try to pick it up around Thanksgiving, so I spent 2.5 weeks trying to get about a month's worth of work done on it. Fun stuff, considering all the other stuff I have going on. My kids didn't recognize me (not really, but it was close). Anywho, the finish on the spalted maple front was what really got me behind, having never dealt with that level of spalt before. I threw the proverbial kitchen sink at it, to no avail. I did get it put together and playable for him while he was here, though. And I gotta say....


That bass sounds GREAT. Plays very well, too. As Mike, my drummer who works at Fawley Music (where I teach guitar) said, "I can't stop playing it, so that's a good thing.". I thought so, too. The rosewood neck feels very satiny, and hefty. I do love the Hipshot  Transtone bridge, and the Bartolini pickups are just great. I didn't get the height fully dialed in while he was here, but the sound went from full and fat to clean and transparent, with lots of tone in between.

But now I have to finish it! So, took it apart, stripped the epoxy off of the top, and started putting a few coats of lacquer on it. Also have to adjust the neck carve a bit...there's a soft V in the first 5 frets or so that Ben didn't bond with. He claims he has small hands. There has to be a joke in there somewhere, but I can't seem to find it right now. :) are a few pics of the nearly finished instrument, including a couple I took tonight after 2 coats of lacquer.

Should be blogging a bit more soon...after completing this bass, I'm gonna shoot some video with it (and probably a few of my other instruments, as well) to stick up on YouTube. Also, Alex's Revelator, Frank's paisley, and Deral's 5-string are coming along nicely, and are, in fact, mostly done at this point. Just need some final finishing touches done to each, and we'll be off to the races. Also, got a new guitar design finalized, and templates being made. It's called (perhaps temporarily...I suck at picking and keeping model names) the Junia, and is a delightful little singlecut model that I am in love with. Probably start that model off with a steampunk aesthetic, cuz I lovez me teh steampunk.

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