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This is Friday, and there is a new blog post.

Ben's Protos bass, Frank's ProtosRich ChaffinsComment

Howdy there. I'm discovering that I don't like doing blog updates without pictures, as detailed a bit on my last post. On most of the instruments I'm working on right now, I'm either down to detail stuff or waiting on other people (parts, finish stuff, etc.). Detail work doesn't warrant a lot of pictures. Kinda hard to see (or give much of a hoot about) something like, "Okay, here's a pic after I sanded the body to 60 grit. Now, here's 100. Here's 120. Wait for it...okay, 220 grit. The fun never stops!!"

See what I mean? And for some reason, I've got it in my head that I can't post progress without photographic evidence. To prove myself wrong, soon I shall start posting progress updates even when there aren't any pictures. Probably.

Anyway, since I now have a deadline on Ben's bass, panic has ensued. I HATE deadlines, especially on builds. There are so many little things that can happen to make time (and, by default, deadlines) go by quicker than you want it to, it's stressful. So, been focusing on that lovely bass of his.  I should point out, however, that I do not in fact hate Ben. Just the whole deadline thing. :)

And what have I been doing, you ask? Well, let me tell ya.

First, a little while ago, I put on a bit of cocobolo on the heel area of the neck. Gives it a bit of lift, and also ties in nicely with the fretboard. You can see it in the shot of the entire back of the neck. Tidied up the frets some more as well, although that's not pictured. They're not final yet.

Spalted maple is an odd type of wood, and the body had sanded unevenly, due to the differing hardness in different areas of the top. So, I had to build a jig to thickness the top and even it out. You can see in the pics the low spots that still have epoxy on them.

A couple days ago, I located the tuner holes and screw holes. It took me a bit to figure out proper mounting for the D-tuner, but YouTube and our friends at Hipshotstraightened that out in short order. There are a couple of pics down there taken after mounting the tuners. Also, with the headstock, I wanted to cut the face a bit deeper than usual to help string angle. This necessitated a bit more thickness on the back of the headstock so the Hipshot tuners would sit properly. I glued maple from the offcuts of the top to the back and am still in the process of finishing the carve. Most of it's done now, just the finesse stuff to finish. I really like the look of it...think it'll shape up nicely.

Not to neglect Frank's guitar, I did the leveling and re-crowning of the frets yesterday, as well as the end beveling. Still waiting on finish stuff (the paisley) for that piece, so it's been sitting around a bit.

Alrighty! Think that's it for now. Any thoughts, good or bad, feel free to comment. Have a great weekend!