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Recent progress

Ben's Protos bass, Frank's ProtosRich Chaffins1 Comment

Hello, those of you who are focusing your eyes on these shapes and having your brain translate them into meaning. Hope things are well. Recent progress has been made. Yes, it's true! One part of why I haven't updated in a bit is that I like to have pics when I post, and a good bit of what I've been doing lately is sanding. Not a great bit of noticeable change in pics there, and not terribly interesting to boot. So, sorry for the lack of updates. It's been fairly boring.

That being said, not ALL is boring! Ben decided he wanted a tummy cut in his bass,  so I obliged. I should state here that an angle grinder makes short work of such a thing as a belly cut, and makes a SHOCKING amount of sawdust while doing so. Just one of those "Oh, look. It snowed slightly dirty-looking snow...just in my shop. Such strange weather patterns we're having lately!" moments. Really. Oh, in the pics, please note that this is, as of now, rough-shaped.

In other un-boring news, I reshaped the neck joint on Frank's guitar. This was due to a slight bit of router bit slippage (definitely nothing major, just a bit unsightly) that turned into a happy accident. I think it feels better, and also makes it a bit more distinctive. It's staying. I believe that I would like to do this to Ben's bass, as well. Assuming this would not destroy Ben's happy place. I'd feel guilty for a good chunk of time. Thoughts, Ben?

Gotta go do more shop stuff now. Check pictorial proof of the above statements below. Later, gators.[gallery]