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Little metal bars.

Ben's Protos bass, Frank's Protos, Rick's ProtosRich ChaffinsComment

Hello and a happy day. Quick update. Got a lot done today. I have a bunch going on right now in the shop: banjo repair, pedalboard to build, 2 guitars and 2 basses in progress. Just finished repair/tuner replacement on a Gretsch. In the planning stages on a few more builds. Hoo boy.

The stuff I took pics of today are the two usual suspects lately: Frank's guitar, Ben's bass. At the same place, mostly, with them, so I tend to do stuff there in tandem. Frets installed and trimmed. Leveling, etc. will happen in the next couple days. Check out the pics. Shiny!

The last pic is a sneak preview of an upcoming post...a saga, really. This is the most recent chapter here. More on that later. LOTS more on it. :)

On an awesome note, the first Tele-style guitar I built has a new home! It was purchased by an amazing local player/guitar teacher/friend Rick Vrana. He's had a lot of great things to say about it. Maybe I'll get him to give me some sweet quotes for the site soon (hint hint, nudge nudge). Have a great night![gallery]