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Finally...another post!

Alec's Revelator, Ben's Protos bass, Frank's ProtosRich Chaffins1 Comment

Howdy, as we West Virginians are supposed to say. Your day going okay? How's the kids? Etc., etc. Anyway, finally got a bit of time to update ye olde blog. Aren't you excited?? I am! So, we're at the stage in Frank and Ben's builds where there's not a lot that shows up on the camera as major progress. I don't know about other builders, but time always seems to slow down when I get to the detail stuff. All the big, exciting things like a guitar popping out of a block of wood have already happened, and it's the small stuff now.

For the record, detail stuff is my least favorite part of builds. Just sayin'., last we left off, I put some epoxy in the control cavity. It held up well, so I put a second coat in the cavity, and also coated the top to start the stabilizing process. I wanted to get this done before I tried drilling the control holes through the top, as it's unsupported by the ash there. Let it sit for 24 hours or so, and drilled. Worked like a wood was harmed in the drilling of these holes. :) In other "Ben's bass" news, I've been working on the neck a bit. Got the fretboard planed down a good bit so I don't have to dig into the neck wood so much when I carve it (I'd hate to run into the truss rod...suck!),  radiused the fretboard as well. Planned out the dots...gonna do them tomorrow.  Yesterday and today I sanded down the excess epoxy on the top. Interesting fact: epoxy turns black when hit with a high speed sander. Also leveled the front and back of the body, as well as drilled wiring access holes through the pickup routes and into the control cavity. Last thing I did today was shield the control cavity with aluminum tape. Going to do the same to the pickup routs as well.

On Frank's guitar, about all that's left on the body is to do the finish sanding, then it's off to Brandy at the Sign Factory, once Frank decides on the final design for the paisley he wants. The neck has been getting a lot done to it. Dots were done, on the side as well as the top of the fretboard. The fretboard edges have been hand-rolled for a broken-in feel, and the neck has been carved. It's still a type of trapezoidal profile, but with a twist. The angle on the top side of the neck was rolled over a bit to give less of a "break point" when meeting the fretboard. It feels more comfortable to me...I'm anxious to try it once it's strung. Routed the cavity for the jack on the back of the guitar. Also drilled tuner holes. Unfortunately, I forgot to take pics there, so we'll have to wait til the next post for that.

If you remember from a post or two ago, the neck on Alec's Revelator took a back bow to it. It's been clamped down for about a week in a corrective position. Going to add some heat to it for a while too to get the shape more solidified. More news as it develops. Can't wait to get this one assembled and out the door! I'm sure Alec feels the same way. :)

...and below are the pics. Have a great (insert time until next blog post)![gallery]