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Spoils of Tuesday!

Ben's Protos bass, Frank's ProtosRich ChaffinsComment

Hey, all you crazy kids. Dearly hope your Wednesday is fantastic. Or tolerable, at least. Gotta say, this whole blogging thing feels like one of those "what I did during my summer vacation" reports, only it's multiple times in a week, every week. Guess I still have to get used to it. Feelings about blogging aside, let's get to it!

Ben's bass: Got a good bit done here in the last day or two. Located the final location for the bridge, using the advanced luthiery tool known as yarn. String spread is both even and delightful. When that was sorted, got the string holes drilled, as well as the ferrule locations in the back. After getting the bridge in the right place, had to decide on pickup placement. This bass has a Bartolini Musicman-style humbucker in the bridge position, and a J-bass style pickup in the neck position. After checking positioning on the original basses (Music Man here and J-bass here), it seemed if I used their spacing, the two pickups would be about an inch apart. Sucktastic in regards to tonal variation. So! Off to find what worked. Won't drag the details out, but settled on placement, and routed the pickup cavities. Afterwards, put some of my personal touches on: applied angle grinder to wood to fashion my concave arm rest after studiously noting Ben's stance in the pics he sent me and grinding to match, and also rounded off the corner of the neck joint that always butts up against your hand on the high frets.      Lastly with the bass, also did a test with epoxy on the inside of the control cavity. If you haven't been following along, spalted wood can be fairly fragile and/or crumbly, depending on the level of spalting. This top is fairly far along, so it needs some strength added (especially before I start drilling holes for the controls, since the top is unsupported beneath). Researched a bunch of different ways of doing this, and settled on epoxy. Got the longer-curing type for viscosity reasons. Started with the inside of the cavity in case something went loopy. Results on that today, but I don't expect anything crazy. Does darken the wood a bit, which you can see in the pic. I think it looks nicer, personally.

Frank's guitar: This one is sailing along nicely, as well. I ended up getting the neck pocket a bit too deep on it, so I routed it down a bit further and then shaped a bit of walnut to glue down in the pocket. Nice contrast, too, I think. A few days ago I drilled for and glued in the abalone dots on the neck. Still gotta level those out. I drilled out the "f-holes" yesterday (man, I really have to think of a name for those, since they are decidedly NOT f's. However, even though my brand is Agape, don't think "A-holes" would have the ring I'm looking for).  Those turned out nice. Also got the concave arm rest and neck joint roundover done, as well as string holes and ferrule locations. Interesting thing happened with a bit while I was drilling string locations....I have (had, rather) a 12" long 1/8" bit for various jobs like drilling string holes, trem screws, etc. It had always had a bit of play at the bit end when in my drill press. Got two holes in Frank's guitar done, started the drill press up for the 3rd, and the play kept building...and building...then SKRONK! The whole thing twisted like a madman. There's a pic of the result below....freaky.

Pics are below. Gotta get back to the shop! As always, would love to hear what you think. Have a stinkin' awesome day![gallery]