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Trudging onward!...assuming one can trudge happily.

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Hello, friends! Hope everyone's having a wonderful week, day, hour and/or minute. Been doing a lot, but the camera is nowhere to be found. So, been using the painful process of phone pic, text to Facebook, right click/save as, insert here. Tedious, and not as high pic quality, but it is what it is. You can see the pics, right? Okay, good.

This week I've been primarily making copious amounts of sawdust out of Frank's geetar body. Since Ben's bass was routed, top attached, and cut to shape, I figured I'd catch this one up to about the same place so I could be doing similar things at the same time. Plus, I love not having to set up my truss rod channel jig twice!

So, what exactly has been done? Well, first, I bought a new random orbital sander since my old one wouldn't hold sandpaper any longer, and I'm happy as a pig in poop. Used it to level the top of Ben's bass. Also cut his fretboard to length today. On Frank's guitar, I routed it to shape, then started on the chambering. I realized with the last (chambered!) Tele that I built that I make heavy guitars. That one was fairly hefty, especially for being hollowed out a bit. So, on Frank's, I decided to add two more chambers: one behind the bridge, and the other in the lower horn. Objective reached. Weight significantly reduced. W00t! So anyway, got the chambering finished (it's amazing, btw, both how long it takes to hog out that much wood with forstner bits and a router, and the copious amounts of sawdust doing so produces) and moved on to gluing up the top wood. If you read and/or remember, I resawed about a 1/4" or so top off of each board before I glued the blank up. Now I'll glue it back down. No fancy top, since this one's gonna have a blue paisley finish. Once it's on, I'll do the "bubble" f-holes. Or maybe I'll be smart and do it before...hmmm.

Okay, children, it's time to go to sleep. Here's some pics until the next time. See ya![gallery]