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Update in my sleep, because Ben is high-maintenance. :)

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Hello and a happy Thursday.

Since I got back from the wood store, a crazy week has transpired in which it seems like I've had way too much going on to make any sort of progress in any of my jobs. Weird how that works. Anyway, here's some progress to report.

Frank's guitar: top resawed, put aside, and the rest of the blank glued up, ready for routing/bandsawing. Just got it out of the clamps this morning. Liking the walnut accent line in the middle.

Ben's bass:Top resawed, yielding 2 tops for the price of 1. Out of 4 sides to choose from, Ben stuck with the original top I showed him. I would've done the same thing...the way the stripe down the middle tapers down to the neck looks great. However, I tried a different method of gluing the top on, which was featured in the first luthierie book I bought. This method involves gluing the top onto the body 1 piece at a time, as opposed to gluing the top together, and then onto the body. I am here to report that the 1 half at a time method sucks rocks. Spent over an hour tonight scraping off glue from the join (and yes, I wiped it off well when I clamped), and it's still being difficult. Oh well...that's a problem for another day. Namely tomorrow. Here's a few pics..nighty-night, y'all. [gallery]