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Back from the road trip. With stuff.

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Hey guys,

Real quick before my lovely wife and I have our date night (W00t!), wanted to share a bit I got done today.

Went to Pittsburgh to pick up some wood, and came back with a goodish amount. Got some East Indian Rosewood for Ben's neck (and enough for someone else's guitar), some cherry for Frank's guitar body, and enough Peruvian walnut for several guitar necks. Which is funny, because I went to get African mahogany for Frank's neck. But man, the tap tone on the walnut was MUCH better than the mahogany, and I really think it would not only look great, but walnut makes for great-sounding necks. I don't think Frank will mind that his guitar will sound better. If ya do, my friend, let me know quickly. :) Also, with the walnut, I picked up a thin strip of walnut to put between the cherry pieces. Should get a nice little stripe on the back of the body to tie the neck and body together.

After I got home, I was able to rout out both Ben and Frank's neck wood. Check it out in the pics below.

Gotta go hang with my favorite person now. Enjoy the pics![gallery]