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Progress 8.26.10

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Happy Thursday, y'all.

Well, I guess I should say I hope it was a happy Thursday, as it's mostly over. Not a whole lot of time in the shop today due to familial obligations, but I did manage to get the control cavity hogged out and the cavity cover recess routed out in Ben's bass. I would like to say that it amazes me how much time it takes a drill press and forstner bit to chew up an inch and a half thick hunk of swamp ash. Fo'evah. However, that was a lesson learned the hard way that slower work = cleaner work. I had to learn that one quite a few times over, friends and neighbors. Quite a few.

It is with a heavy heart that I announce the passing of my beloved ShopVac. It was sucking sturdily along whilst I hogged out the control cavity with the drill press, then started hacking a bit. By the time I started wondering what was wrong, it hacked a great big hack, and quit. Despite a few resuscitation attempts, it remains as dead as the fabled doornail. Looks like that'll have to be replaced soonly. Speaking of which...


Tomorrow (by which I mean Friday, which is possibly today depending on when you read this) I'm heading up to Pittsburgh to grab some wood for some projects. Most specifically, gotta pick up the rosewood for Ben's neck, and all things wooden for Frank's paisley monstrosity. Frank's fretboard is in already, and Ben's was ordered today. Also gotta pick up some odds and ends such as a 1/2" bandsaw blade so I can resaw the top for Ben's bass and get it glued up. Man, that wood is HAWWT. Check the original post on Ben's instrument to check out the schexy spalted maple top he's got goin' on this rock machine (pronounced "ma-cheen"). Pure love.

Until tomorrow, friends, check out the progress pics below. Comment if you'd like. I'd like you to. I feel lonely. [gallery]