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The story of this week so far...

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Hey guys n gals. Hope it's a frickin' spectacular week so far for ya.

First bit of good news: the camera has been recovered! Yay for mo' better pics. Second bit of good news: I'll be putting a post up about my next commission, and have inquiries into 3 other builds. Yay for building more instruments! The final bit of good news: progress rolls ever onward. :) Had a lot of repair work in the shop last week...setups, pickup swaps, etc., so I didn't get as much done on the instruments as I would've liked. However, got stuff done somewhat over the last two days. And here we go!

Ben's bass: not a whole lot going on until I make it up to Pittsburgh this week to grab wood for the neck. However, I have it set up to plane it down to make room for the spalted maple top, and all centerlines, pickup placement and neck pocket has been mapped out, pending final bridge placement.

The tele-style build: still trying to work out a model name. Grrr. Kicking around Prime, but so far I think it only sounds good with Agape in front of it. But then it sounds like a Transformer. *smirk* Ideas welcome. But anyway, remember when I posted a review of how it sounded and mentioned that the B & E strings kept slipping out of the nut? Finally got the staggered tuners in, and problem solved. :) Put 'em on today. Debating getting a Stellartone Tonestyler to put in it, as I still hate traditional tone controls. Might do a bit of work on the finish in the next couple days.

Alec's Revelator: The neck is fretted. The headstock logo was put on and sprayed over today. I know I've said it a million times, but I heart the Sign Factory. Brandy awesomely suggested a color for the vinyl logo that would go with the cocobolo fretboard wood, and hoo boy. I'm in love. The logo for the blade headstock works out really well...fairly metal. Let me know what you think of the pics below. [gallery]