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New build: Frank's (insert T-style model name here)

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Wow...2 posts in one night! Car-azy!

So, Frank is a stellar volunteer at CRC, a guitar student of mine, a rabid country music fan, and above all, a dear friend. He played the (T-style model) I recently finished and asked me to build another one like it, with a few modifications. Should be interesting...being the Brad Paisley fan that he is, he wants a paisley finish on it. Yikes!Paisley Tele

It'll be a challenge, but it'll be fun. Also, it'll be an honor to build an instrument for a good friend. The specs:

  • cherry body, chambered; "bubbly" F-hole, Dark blue paisley finish
  • African mahogany neck, rosewood fretboard, matching dark blue paisley headstock
  • gold hardware
  • pickups TBD
  • Stellartone Tonestyler tone pot
  • large, traditionally-placed abalone fretboard dots
  • staggered locking tuners
  • thankfully, he eschewed the B-Bender. :)

    Well, the hardware and fretboard have arrived, and I'll be heading up to Pittsburgh to pick up wood for this and Ben's bass in the next couple days. Can't wait to get this one started!