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Update: Alec's Revelator

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Happy Friday evening! Sort of a low-key day around here. Thought I'd post some progress pics of newly-done stuff for your inspection. Alec will be over Sunday. We'll start on fretting, and funds for the purchasing of electronics will change hands. It nears completion!

Since last post, I've evened out the finish on the body, trimmed up the veneer, and did the burst on the headstock. Shown slightly assembled here. The full-on pic is a bit dark; the true color comes out more in the closeup shots. I like the contrast between the dark body/headstock and brighter fretboard.

One thing to mention in a bit more depth: the many holes in the control cavity as opposed to a fully hogged-out cavity. The combination of this particular piece of fairly light swamp ash and a really light top of spalted maple would not, I feared, balance well once all the routing was done with the denser, heavier grenadillo/cocobolo combination of the neck. The locking tuners don't help in that regard, either. So, I tried to think of a way to maximize mass in the body, and it occurred to me that there's a lot of negative space in the usual control cavity. So, I drilled separate cavities for each component, with routing for wiring in between at necessary angles. Should help a bit. Pretty happy with how this one's turning out! I'll post more progress after we work on it Sunday. Have a great weekend![gallery]