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Test drive results!

not picsRich ChaffinsComment

Happy Monday, peeps.

Just as I said I would, I took the recently put-together Tele (still haven't settled on a model name yet) for a spin at our 3 services at Chestnut Ridge Church this weekend. Played it a total of 5-6 hours this weekend. And I gotta say...

Man, I LOVE this guitar. I will probably shed a tear or two when I sell it.

Key observations:

  • The 5-way switch with PRS-style wiring offers a silly amount of usable tones in one guitar. I had the classic twang in the bridge, very clean "quack" positions, the first in-between (position 3) tone I've ever liked, and a nice warm neck pickup sound. Even did a nice jazz tone there with the tone turned down a bit.
  • I am in love with the woodiness that the chambering provided, especially in positions 2 & 4. Adds a nice, quasi-acoustic "air" to the tone.
  • The amount of sustain really surprised me. It rings for a good long while.
  • The trapezoidal neck was really easy to get used to, and comfortable. My hand didn't tire out at all, and the oiled neck is stupid smooth and easy to navigate.
  • You really do need either a string tree or staggered tuners on a Fender-style headstock. Otherwise, there's not enough downward pressure on the nut for the B & E strings to stay in, and they slip out from time to time. Ordering some staggered tuners as we speak.

    So all in all, I was very happy with how it turned out. Everyone who's played it gave very positive reviews, both in playability and appearance. Thanks to all who have given feedback; you guys are great. There's still some minor stuff to tweak, but she's pretty much done. I'm going to shoot a demo video this week for the blog and, of course, YouTube with all the sounds on display. Have a great night!