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Test drive!

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Hello and a happy day to you! Hope it's a good 'un.

Got my redesigned logo back from my good pals at the Sign Factory, and WOW! They did a great job with the design and execution. Just lovely. Super excited about it! It's an idea I had about making the logo stretch across the whole headstock, instead of just a small logo on one part of it. The letters will adhere to the shape of the headstock, and since I have 4 or 5 designs, each one will be different. W00t!

Just got a few coats of clear on the headstock to help the vinyl adhere, and got the guitar reassembled, strung up, and set up. Lovin' it so far! Love the tonal versatility that the 5-way switch offers. I'm going to use it through 3 services at church this weekend to get a feel for it, and to notice any kinks that might show up in the setup.

NOTE: this guitar is currently unspoken for. If you'd like to check it out, contact me to set up an appointment.

Now, on to the pics! [gallery]