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Birth pains, pt. 2

UncategorizedRich ChaffinsComment after a good deal of time spent wiring, assembling, etc., I came up with an assembled guitar. I'd show you the pics here, but I can't figure out how to put pics in two places inside one post. So look down a bit. :)

Pretty cool, huh? Then I foolishly tried to thin down my 2 nut blanks (insert joke here) with a bandsaw. This is now #187 of "things to never attempt again in the shop". Luckily, my good buddies Kim and Roy in the repair shop at Fawley's had pre-sized nut blanks. So, grabbed one, cut a few rudimentary slots for the B & E strings, and tried it out. Good news: the electronics work (and sound stinkin' great!), and the trapezoidal neck profile is awesome! The not-so-great: I had completely spaced on leveling the frets (maybe cuz it's not one of my favorite things), so dead spots were here and there; and I had mounted the pickup selector switch backwards ( I can NEVER remember which way those stupid things go! Grrr!). Therefore, last night I was in the shop until 11:30 leveling and re-crowning the frets, and this morning was spent re-doing the fret ends and polishing the frets. I should add here that polishing frets by hand sucks like an Electrolux, but I thought that my Dremel had been stolen since there were some break-ins in a couple cars in the parking lot at church the other day. I should further add that I should never assume anything until I inquire of my lovely wife as to the whereabouts of thing x. are a before and a few after shots of the frets, as well as the assembled guitar previously mentioned. Shiny good! What do YOU think? Questions, comments, concerns always welcome. [gallery]