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Today in the shop...

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Well, today was a nice day in ye olde woodshop. Lots of time, got a good bit done. I do think that my lack of organization in the order of which I do things is detrimental to my progress, but still! Progress was indeed made. Got a couple more coats of finish on the Tele (whatever I'm going to call it), worked on templates (this particular template is being the debbil), and did a bunch to Alec's Revelator (Note: I'll get a post up about the start of this one and the story soon, along with Stott's Revelator Variax. Good times.). More specifically, in regard to the Revelator:

  • finished neck pocket contour
  • drilled all holes for the control cavities to final depth
  • made room for the infamous "jack in the back" in both the control cavity and cover
  • did level sanding on the top (o joy).

    So, with no more guilding the lily and without further ado (adieu, to you and you and yo-u), on to the progress pics! [gallery]