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The bass for Ben

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So in the midst of doing the backlog, Ben texted me about progress pics. He just commissioned this bass a couple weeks ago, and told me at that point that he was gonna bug me for progress pics constantly. He's living up to his word. :)

For a bit of back story, Ben and I met in college. I was studying jazz guitar, he was a percussion major. And now he's playing bass. Guess he met me halfway. :) After playing in a band together for a while in college, I hadn't seen him for years and years, until I find him on Facebook. Then he starts asking about building a bass, and here we are.

Ben wanted a Telecaster bass. We decided that the guitar-size Tele body was too small, so I set about re-sizing the body dimensions. I found a size we both liked and my friends at the Sign Factory are currently fabricating the template for me. So, fearing that Ben's head may explode if I prattle on any further, let's get to the specs for this project.

  • 4-string Tele bass
  • 34" scale length
  • Swamp ash/spalted maple body, rosewood neck, cocobolo fretboard
  • black hardware
  • Hipshot Transtone bridge
  • Bartolini J (bridge) and Humbucker (neck)
  • Bartolini 5.2 preamp
  • Hipshot Ultralite tuners and Bass Xtender

    And here are the pics of the raw materials: [gallery]