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Starting out...

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Okay, so my first post is most likely old hat to anyone who's followed my building adventures, or even hung around me for the past few years. As will pretty much all the other previously completed instruments that I'm going to post. Please bear with me.

So, I'm posting this bass first because that's the one that has pics on this particular computer (as I may or may not have previously lamented, both my laptop and our netbook are currently on the proverbial fritz). It is a bass for a student of mine. The story: He found an old, beat to death Gibson Grabber at Goodwill for $5. Neck was good, most of the hardware was okay, but the body was destroyed by the previous owner: cardboard pickguard, pickup screws protruding through the body, horribly done routing, etc.

I had some REALLY heavy, dense wood (lyptus, I just remembered!)that I had bought, and so set off to make a bass. This was the first I'd completed with my new bass body shape. The holes started out as an idea to reduce the weight; the body itself weighed like 9 lbs. before hardware, etc. Rather than going for the Swiss cheese effect, I figured it should at least be semi-artistic. Since artistic integrity is in the eye of the beholder and therefore quite subjective, I won't say whether I succeeded in that or not, but I do like the way the controls are integrated with one of the waves o' dots. The specs:

  • lyptus body
  • maple neck
  • trashy rattlecan silverburst finish
  • Badass II bridge (and yes, that's the actual brand name)
  • Carvin bridge pickup, GFS Music Man-style neck pickup
  • Electronics: volume, tone, pickup selector, kill switch
  • tuned B, E, A, D low to high (bottom 4 of a 5-string bass)

    Interestingly enough, one of my favorite things about this bass is that the front strap button screw is visible through the top hole in the horn. Yay. :)