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Onward and (possibly) upward. Oh yeah, and purple.

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So, this one was sort of a test piece. I bought an older Ibanez RG something-or-other used for $100. The finish was chunked off in several places, couple chunks of wood gone, etc. First order of business was to replace the stock pickups with ones that actually produced tone. After that was taken care of, disassembled and stripped the finish. This revealed a fairly decent basswood body. I re-shaped the horns, the headstock, and a bit of the curves on the body. This took care of the missing chunks. It was, pretty much, a whole guitar again.

After this, started debating the finish. Thought briefly about veneering some really nice flamed maple I had on hand, but veneering looked hard without the cool vacuum tools. So, I tried my hand at a color finish, complete with clear coats. My lovely wife Misty's favorite color has always been purple, so it was decided (Ibanezes are pretty metal/glam anyway). Did a metallic candy coat: primer, then silver base, then translucent purple. Turned out pretty cool, so I dumped a whole bunch of clear on and let it cure. Then buffed. Then immediately realized that I hadn't put ENOUGH clear on, as I was sanding through the color at an alarming rate. Ugh. Oh well, lesson learned. Still been meaning to make a new neck for it...those thin Wizard necks that Ibanez uses make for thin crap-o-tone. I should also, at some point, fill in the trem cavity and put something else on there....have I mentioned that I hate cheap Ibanez versions of Floyd Roses?


  • basswood body
  • maple neck
  • Pickups: Dimarzio Fred (bridge), stock Ibanez S7 (mid), and Seymour Duncan Jazz (neck)
  • added kill switch

    I should note that this one is back in the shop, half disassembled. [gallery]